Pauls Biography

Paul Spremulli

was born in Providence, RI in 1960, and grew up in a small Italian-American community and attended St. Anthony’s parochial elementary school. He graduated from Cranston East High School where he was Captain of the varsity soccer team. Paul attended and graduated from Bryant University and obtained a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration in 1982. Through college Paul worked a full time job while playing soccer for Bryant and semi-professional ball with the Rhode Island American Soccer Club.




Paul Spremulli began his corporate career in retail management and worked at the senior executive level for many years. In 1992 he left corporate America and started his own business as an executive recruiter. The business grew over the next twenty years. During this period Paul traveled extensively and was able to observe the world and he became fascinated with the spiritual aspects of the various cultures that he visited. These explorations eventually formed the basis of his first book series titled ANGEL DIGEST. These books describe ordinary people’s accounts of their extraordinary angelic encounters. Each book is illustrated with children’s drawings of their interpretation of Angels


Paul also went on to write a tween novel entitled TEEN HEALER. A story loosely based on his life growing up in Providence and eventually receiving the gift of healing. Paul also wrote a children’s book called WHERE IS IT OK TO PRAY. The book is suitable for ages of 4 to 94 years of age. The story is of a young girl named Kay that wonders aloud through her daily travels how and when she should pray. God answers her directly.


Paul’s latest book is called DESTINATION ONENESS. The book idea originated from countless friends and clients asking for a simple to understand guide to spirituality. In this book Paul shares stories, ideas and experiences that he has had along his spiritual journey to oneness. Some chapters culminate with simple exercises designed to identify areas and roadblocks to oneness. He provides suggestions and common sense solutions to developing a close personal relationship with your God.


Over the year Paul developed a strong interest in art. He collected and studied art for many years as a weekend hobby. At one point he was fortunate enough to study under the tutelage of Russian born artist Anna Razumovskaya. During Paul’s calling to spiritual enlightenment and his personal ascension to God, messages began to appear in his art. He experienced many miracles through his art and was able to communicate directly with God and have many of his questions answered through this medium. His art has been featured at the New York Art exposition and in galleries throughout the United States and Canada.


Paul started Angelnook Publishing in 2005. The business was created to publish spiritual literary and artistic works. “Through publishing we reach out to the world to share God’s eternal and immense love,” says Spremulli. Paul started a spiritual learning center in Cranston, Rhode Island in 2012 and has facilitated hundreds of both spiritual and physical healings. Paul never accepts payment for these healings. He firmly believes that freely he has received this wonderful gift and freely he will give.



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